Test23-Bravo Heavy Duty Low Odor Stripper

Test5—Low-odor, heavy duty stripper for today's tough build-ups and burnished finishes. Excels with superior wetting, penetration and emulsification properties. Colorless with a mild scent.

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  • CFIA


  • Heavy duty and non-ammoniated for tough stripping jobs without the odor
  • Powerful?works on all Diversey finishes
  • Pleasant to work with No heavy odor
  • Non-solvenated?suitable for use on a wide range of flooring
  • Multiple dilution rates for different levels of build-up - all at affordable prices
  • Easily handles the toughest stripping jobs

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Technische Daten und Anwendungshinweise:

  • Do not use on unsealed wood, cork, linoleum or painted surfaces.
  • Recommended for use on resilient and non-resilient floors.
No Odor/Odorless
4 x 1 gal./3.78 L
1:4, 1:8

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